2000-pound McShane Stationary Electric Ringer
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500-pound McShane Electrified Swinging Ringer




Stationary Electric Bell Ringers

hane Bell stationary ringers are custom built using electro-magnetic hammers and bronze clappers to ring in a stationary position or to convert bells, that no longer swing due to deteriorating tower or frame conditions.

These systems reduce the stress on bell towers caused by swinging bells. Our stationary systems are so precise that if you were not visualizing the bell you would think it was actually swinging and with Mcshane’s 148 years in the church bell industry we have done exactly that.

With our stationary bell ringers, your church can have the options of:

- Digital Program Clock
- Angelus Timer (Catholic Church)
- Funeral Timer
- Hour Strike
- Westminster Chime (4 bells required)
- Remote Switches

All McShane ringers come fully guaranteed parts and labor.

Digital Program Clock

Swinging bell converted to Stationary Electric
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Swinging Electric Bell Ringer
500-pound McShane Electrified Swinging The silent bell swinger is precision built, consisting of Hardened and Ground Gears, completely ball bearing equipped to give years of trouble free service. Bells are rung automatically or switch-controlled. All McShane Swinger units come with a Two (2) Year Guarantee.

The addition of an outside hammer gives your church the following options:

- Angelus Timer
- Funeral Toller
- Digital Program Clock
- Hour Strike System