New 38" 1200 lb. casting
right out of the mold.


All McShane bells are cast from the best quality bell ingot to produce a bell pure and resonant in tone and carefully tuned to the McShane principle, ensuring sweetness and purity with the correct control of the partial tones as to produce a melodious musical ring.

This principle of bell manufacturing has made McShane an industry leader since 1856.

All bells are just as beautiful to look at as they are to hear. Church & Chapel bells are fully warranted as to the excellence of tone composition and workmanship for the life of the bell.

Blessing of the bells
St. Archangel of Michael in Lansing, Illinois


PEAL Bells

Peal Bells are a combination of 2-5 bells attuned to various musical intervals and are fitted with complete mountings in the manner of church bells and rung together. They can also be mounted stationary & struck electrically when tower design and space is a factor.

Each tone falling in one after the other produces a very beautiful, harmonious and pleasing effect.

The demand for peals is a constant. We have had the honor of building the largest swinging peals in the country. The class of work is a specialty with us and many sets are cast and installed each year.