This procedure is great for
all re-dedications of bells,
in the purchase of used bells
or for display purposes.


McShane has performed this
refurbishing for court houses,
fire houses and churches
all across the country.



William Parker III refinishing the surface of a previously-owned bell.


McShane's state-of-the-art foundry is where qualified technicians refurbish some of America's finest Bronze Church Bells.

This previously-owned 500-pound McShane Chapel Bell was refurbished to look new again for a re-dedication with the addition of a new steel wheel.

McShane takes your bell through a seven-step process of being cleaned of all dirt and toxic Petina. The bell then goes through several steps of being buffed to a beautiful luster.

The final step of the refurbishing is having the bell polished to look new again. The bell is also clear-coated to protect its new beautiful finish.

Additionally, all metal parts are cleaned and then their surface is painted to accent the bell's appearance.


Besides cleaning and polishing of bells to look new again, we also rebuild complete frame works for all bells. These parts include new stands, steel wheels, yokes and support timbers. all work can be performed on site if need.

1500-pound, 41-inch total restoration project

for the Slatington Fireman's Memorial.

1200lb. bell being fitted with new yoke
and frame works to swing.